Fire water cannon

Fire water cannon

  • Fire water cannon
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The fire water cannon is the latest to be self-designed by absorbing the domestic and foreign advanced technology of our  company, The fire water cannon has complete function, long range, simple structure, novel, stable and reliable operation and  convenient maintenance. The gun body can be rotated horizontally, pitching and rotating, and the reliable positioning and locking can  be realized so as to facilitate the fire fighting personnel to withdraw from the fire site and to protect the personal safety of the  firefighters. The gun has both DC and flowering spray functions, when ejecting water column, it can extinguish solid fire. When spray  flowering water mist, it can be used to cool the fire site and fire emergency. The product is suitable for heavy duty fire truck, fire  fighting ship and fixed fire extinguishing equipment for industry and mining enterprise, warehouse, oil field and storage and irrigation.  With simple and flexible operation, far horizontal rotation and pitching rotation, and it has the functions of direct current and flowering Type: PS30/PS40/PS50/PS60

Technical parameters

PS30 PS40 PS50 PS60
Flow(L/s) 30 40 50 60
MWP(Mpa) 1 1.2
Range(m) ≥55 ≥60 ≥65 ≥70
Horizontal rotation angle(°) 0-360
Maxximum elevation(°) ≥+60
Minimum angle(°) ≤-15
High(mm) 705±20 705±20 830±20 830±20