Fire-fighting signal brake valve

Fire-fighting signal brake valve

  • Fire-fighting signal brake valve
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In addition to the advantages of elastic seat sealing gate valve, the fire-fighting signal brake valve can display the opening  degree of valve intuitively, so that it can judge the opening degree of valve in a distance, take corresponding measures in time, open  and close quickly and reliably, so it is often used in fire control system. It is widely used in: chemical, petrochemical, petroleum,  papermaking, mining, electricity, liquefied gas, food, pharmaceutical, water supply and drainage, municipal, mechanical equipment,  electronic industry, and urban construction fields.

Technical parameters

Nominal working pressure(MPa) 1.2 1.6
Strength test (MPa) 4.8 6.4
Leakage test(MPa) 2.4 3.2
Applicable temperature ≤65℃
Applicable medium Water
Current pressure DC24V1A