Deluge alarm valve

Deluge alarm valve

  • Deluge alarm valve
  • Deluge alarm valve
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The ZSFG deluge alarm valve is a lever structure, with anti-reset function, in line with GB5135.5-2003 standard products. It is  widely used in all kinds of open system (open sprinklers on the side line of the system). Such as deluge system, water curtain system  and water spray system. The ZSFM deluge alarm valve is opened to release the pressure from the diaphragm chamber and open the  disc, using the side pressure of the water supply. Pressure release in diaphragm chamber can be carried out in many ways, that is,  electrical guide, wet guide and dry guide.

Technical parameters

MOdel Nominal diameter(mm) Rated working pressure(MPa) Flange outer diameter(mm) Flange hole center diameter (mm) Screw hole quantity
ZSFG/ZSFM100 100 1.6 φ220 φ180 8×φ18
ZSFG/ZSFM150 150 1.6 φ285 φ240 8×φ22
ZSFG/ZSFM200 200 1.6 φ340 φ295 12×φ22
ZSFG/ZSFM250 250 1.6 φ405 φ405 12×φ26