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Steel belt release switch PZ-21

Steel belt release switch PZ-21

  • Steel belt release switch PZ-21
Quick Details


The products are divided into A and B types. Two types'  structure is the same, Only the cable outlet and  lever  directionis the opposite. A type mounted on the left  side  of  the  belt,B type mounted on the right side of the belt. Usually, the  two types are supporting the use, if need one, can also be supply,Cable length can be increased or reduced.


This product is  designed  for  wire  rope  pull  belt  conveyor happed running out of Rope, fall belt, broken belt failure, can timely stop to avoid the big accident.

Operation Instruction

This product can be mounted by rack or shelf on belt conveyer,Pull the lever pointing the direction of the belt,  Make the lever's transver end put below the belt 3-5cm side. And inserted firmly the card slot of the  switch body and base. Once  off  the  rope,fall belt happed, lever under pressure will flip down  the  switch body pulled from the card slot. The mercury is cut off, will send a fault signal, or directly made  motor  contactor  Coil Power off, So the strip machine timely stop running  and get the urn protected.

Technical Specification

Product model 产品型号 PZ-21
Voltage rating 额定电压 220VAC
Current rating 额定电流 3A
Operating force 动作压力 ≥2Kg
Operating angle 工作角度 180°
Contact form 触点形式 NC/NO
Protection degree 防护等级 IP67
Contact resistance 接触电阻 ≤200mΩ
Medium withstand voltage 介质耐压 ≥2500VAC
Insulating resistance 绝缘电阻 ≥100MΩ
Operating temperature 工作温度 -25-80℃

Installed position and working Principle

When the belt running direction as shown, Far side Installation B type, Near-side installation A type.

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