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Fully enclosed deflection switch PZ-22

Fully enclosed deflection switch PZ-22

  • Fully enclosed deflection switch PZ-22
Quick Details


This Switch adopt PZ-215 type mercury switch, With epoxy resin fixed outside the polyethylene In the shell, will lead to one of the cable end,  At the same time become  fully enclosed switch. Acid and alkali plant in  chemical plant and mine in the high humidity areas  has very good waterproof anti-corrosion Ability.


This switch is referring to  the  similar  products  of  foreign mining winch the  security  switch, its  structure  is  Simple,low cost, can be directly fixed  on  the  mechanical  transmission  parts,  are  widely  used  in  Signal  or  positioning control.

Operation Instruction

According to the switch work position with mounting holes use screws to fix the switch, The switch should be with a 5 mm thick layer of rubber piece when it should  have  been to be fixed. Set screw  shoulds  not be too tight, in order to avoid cracked epoxy resin. The switch  should to  connect large angle to a direction before electricity, the  mercury is full of water Silver electrode of the switch. In order to avoid the electrode in large electrical flow has Direct contact with mercury Spark, and ablation electrode increased by oxidation of electrode contact resistance.

Technical Specification

Product model 产品型号 PZ-22
Voltage rating 额定电压 220VAC
Current rating 额定电流 3A
Operating angle 工作角度 15°
Contact form 触点形式 NO
Protection degree 防护等级 IP67
Contact resistance 接触电阻 ≤200mΩ
Medium withstand voltage 介质耐压 ≥2500VAC
Insulating resistance 绝缘电阻 ≥100MΩ
Operating temperature 工作温度 -25-80℃

Outshape mounting & Product Structure

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