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What is the basic understanding of micro switch

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1. What is a micro switch?


A micro switch is a small electronic switch, also called a limit switch or tact switch. It is usually controlled by a mechanical arm or button that can be triggered by slight force or movement. Micro switches are often used in control circuits in electronic equipment, such as buttons in electronic products, triggers in access control systems, etc.



2. What is the working principle of micro switch?


The working principle of the micro switch is based on its internal trigger mechanism. When the mechanical arm or button is pressed or moved slightly, the trigger inside the switch is triggered, causing the circuit status of the switch to change, thereby controlling the turning on or off of the related equipment.

3. What are the application areas of micro switches?


Key switches in electronic products, such as mobile phones, remote controls, keyboards, etc.;
Control switches in household appliances, such as induction cookers, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc.;
Triggers in industrial automation equipment, such as automatic doors, sensor triggers, etc.



4. What are the advantages of micro switches?


Miniaturization: The micro switch is compact and suitable for installation in equipment with limited space.
Sensitive response: The micro switch can respond quickly to slight press or movement and is easy to operate.
High reliability: The micro switch is made of durable materials, with long service life and stable performance.
Diversity: The shape, triggering force and electrical characteristics of micro switches can be customized according to different needs.



5. How to install and maintain micro switches?


When installing a micro switch, you need to ensure that the switch is in the correct position, the connection is firm, and the triggering force and triggering distance are adjusted according to the needs of the device. When maintaining the micro switch, regularly clean the dust and dirt around the switch to maintain the sensitivity and stability of the switch.

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