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What Is a Limit Switch?

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The limit switch is housed in a housing to protect the built-in basic switch from external forces, water, gas, oil, dust, etc.

Limit switches are particularly suitable for applications requiring mechanical strength and environmental resistance.


What are the types of limit switches?

1. Horizontal type

2. Vertical type

3. Multiple limit switch types.


Application areas of Limit Switches

1. Machine tools

Metal fabrication equipment, presses, transfer lines, special machines.

2. Material handling equipment

Conveyors, elevators, cranes, hoists.

3. Packaging machinery and process equipment.

4. Textile machinery.

5. Construction machinery and equipment, vehicles, forklifts.

6. Control cabinet.

7. Garage doors.


In conclusion

Limit switches are an important part of industrial automation systems, accurately detecting objects and materials and triggering appropriate responses in automated systems.



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