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Solid State Relays XSSR-DA-M6

Solid State Relays XSSR-DA-M6

  • Solid State Relays XSSR-DA-M6
Quick Details

●Input and output electro-optic isolation or transformer isolation;
●Input constant current control and LED display,control signal and TTL & CMOS logic is compatible;
●Bidirectional controlled sillion or unidirectional controllable counter-parallel output,zero electric current opening zero electric current shutdown;
●Power solid state uses the SCR chip counter-parallel output and working is stable;
●Buit-in resistance-capacitance absorbing circuit,dead zone voltage and small harmonic interference;
●Higher than of 2.5KV safe isolation voltage between the input output and ledger wall’s;
●Small volume,small input power, non-contact, sparkless, noiseless, non-machinery wear, anti-vibration and the long life.

Model & Meanings 

Main Application

·Industrial automation installment
·Computer periphery connection
·Illumination, stage lighting control
·Electric stove, heating, warm control
·Street light, signal light, traffic light, etc
·AC motor control
·Intermediate relay, solenoid valve control
·Numerical control machinery, external guidance system
·Color photo enlargement, film processing equipment, injection machinery
·Automatic fire control and security system

Interior schematic diagram and basic property  test

Application attentions

·Control voltage and working voltage must be stable, the coefficient of fluctuation should guarantee in 10%, when wiring should pay attention to the state relay's polarity to avoid wrong connection causing solid state relay permanence Damage. SSR should be mounted away from origin of heat a good radiating conditions. In the case that the ambient temperatures is too high or bad radiating condition, it should increase the current ensure SSR good working.I n the case that the ambient temperatures is too high or bad radiating condition, it should increase the curr to ensure SSR good working. SSR can be even and good radiating. When mounting SSR, fastener must be tightened  to prevent increasing  resistance caused by screw loosing. Even spreads heat conduction silicon , maintains the solid state relay can be even  good radiation.
·Should use the corresponding overflow and the overvoltage protection measure. Overflow protection may select the fast fuse that response time is 10μS. Fuse size choose the practical work current 1.2-1.5 times. Overvoltage protection may use RC resistance-capacitance absorbing circuit and v istor. This series SSR has built in RC resistance-capacitance.Varistor choosing may according to the working voltage and current. 220V select the varistor of 430-470V, 380V voltage select the varistor of 750-820V, the varistor discharge current capacity choose  according to the size.

Solid state relay's radiating and heat sink  choice

·Because the inside switch components have interface resistance function, solid state relay can have certain heat in its breakover time. Therefore g antee solid state relay normal work must have the good radiation condition. For example: Natural cooling, radiation cool, the radiator to cooling and so on. Below 5A may use the natural cooling, above 10A must add the radiator to cool, above 40A needs to add the ventilator  str cold.
·Not only radiator's effect related with the size, but also with the ambient temperature , the well ventilated condition and installment tightnes relations. Radiation effect reference standard: make the solid state relay's bottom board 's temperature not to surpass 75℃, it may install a 70 model) to connect in the control loop, when the radiator temperature surpasses the valve value will separate the  control loop,  thus protect state relay and equipment, particularly in the actual large current , big mounting density and high ambient  temperature  situation. In addit  to consider whether solid state relay itself match with the radiator, as well as radiator's installment space in cabinet, guaranteed that th relay's board temperature does not surpass 75℃, in the worst situation.
·Our company has many series radiator specification for choice,  but each model  SSR  is not to certainly match the only model radiator, they  have not completely corresponding relationships. Solid state relay's Calorific capacity  only  related with the actual load current, n  consistent with current rank. (Calorific capacity formula: Calorific capacity = actual load current×1.5  tile/amp)


·Bolt Installation-Module Type   High Power  AC Solid State Relay
·One-way crimp SCR chip antiparallel NO output
·DC-AC DC signal control AC load
·Optoelectronic devices Isolation
·Zero crossing / Random Trigger Form

Technical Specification

产品型号Product model XSSR-DA48□M6
控制电压Control voltage 3-32VDC
控制电流Control current 6-25mA
反向电压Reverse voltage 32VDC
保证关闭电压Guarantee close voltage 1VDC
保证开通电压Guarantee open voltage 3VDC
负载电压Load voltage 75-480VAC
负载最大电流Load max current 700A-1000A
负载最小电流Load mini current 0.8A
通态压降Breakover voltage ≤3VAC
输出漏电流Output leakage current ≤1mA
介质耐压Medium withstand voltage ≥2500VAC
绝缘电阻Insulating resistance ≥100MΩ
开关时间Switching time ≤10mS
频率范围Frequency range 50-60Hz
工作温度Operating temperature -20-70℃
负载电流安全系数 load current safety factor 阻性负载取(resistive load)50-60
感性负载取(inductive load)30-40

Outshape dimensions & Connection Diagram