micro switches for sale XV-151-1C25

micro switches for sale XV-151-1C25

  • micro switches for sale XV-151-1C25
Quick Details

●Adopt thermosetting plastic or thermoplastic;
●Small contact gap,snap action,high sensitivity and small operating travel;
●Variety of levers;
●Widely used in appliance,electronic equipment,automatic machine,communication equipment,car electric,apparatus and instrument,electro motion tool etc.

Model & Meanings

Contact Forms


Item 项目 参数值  Data
Operating speed 操作速度 0.1mm-1m/s
Operating frequency 操作频率 机 械  Mechanical 600次/分 600times/min
电 气  Electrical 30次/分 30times/min
Insulation resistance 绝缘电阻 100MΩ以上(Above) DC500V
Contact resistance 接触电阻 25mΩ(初值 initial value)
Withstand voltage 介质耐压 非连线 Non-connection wire 1000VAC
各端子间  Every terminal 1500VAC
Vibration 振动 误 动作  Misoperation 10-55Hz Amplitude(复振幅)1.5mm
Impact 冲击 耐 久  Durable 1000m/s2
误动作  Misoperation 300m/s2
Life 寿命 电 气  Electrical 100,000次以上 above
机 械  Mechanical 1,000,000次以上 above
Protection degree 防护等级 IP40
Operating temperature 使用温度 -25~+80℃
Operating humidity 使用湿度 <85%


额定电压 Ue(V) 额定电流 Ie(A)  发热电流 Ith(A)
AC-250 16 20

Mounting Hole Dimensions & Strucutre


Terminal Forms

Dimensions/Operating Characteristics

OF max.动作力 200g(1.96N)
RF min.回复力 50g(0.49N)
PT max.预行程 1.2mm
OT min.超行程 0.6mm
MD max.差行程 0.3mm
OP 动作位置 14.7±0.5mm