Reed Switch XGH-8Z

Reed Switch XGH-8Z

  • Reed Switch XGH-8Z
Quick Details

● Reed contacts are hermetically selaed within a glass tube and do not receive the external atmospheric environment;
● Quick response,and light weight;
● Superior corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the contacts assures stable switching operation and long life;
● Composed fast with the coil and magnet,reed switch can be used for reed relay or sensor;
● Widely used in household appliances,control equipment,communication equipment,communication,automotive electronic devices,measurement equipment etc.

Model & Meanings

Contact Forms & Product Structure


尺寸规格 Dimensions Φ8×50mm
触点类型 Contact Type 1C
触点容量 Contact Rating 15VA
吸合值 Pull In Value(PI) 110-300AT
释放值 Drop Out Value(DO) ≥25AT
接触电阻 Contact Resistance ≤200mΩ
介质耐压 breakover Voltage ≥500VDC
绝缘电阻 Insulation Resistance ≥100MΩ
静电电容 Electrostatic Capacitance 2pF
最大开关电压 Maximum Switching Voltage 220VAC
最大开关电流 Maximum Switching Current 1A
最大承载电流 Maximum Carry Current 2A
动作时间 Operate Time ≤1.2mS
回跳时间 Bounce Time ≤1mS
释放时间 Release Time ≤0.4mS
最大操作频率 Maximum Operating Frequency 200Hz
适用温度 Operating Temperature -10-70℃