Mercury Switch PZ-103

Mercury Switch PZ-103

  • Mercury Switch PZ-103
Quick Details

● It is composed of sealed glass tube,electrode and mercury;
● Circuit on & off, free angle, flexible control can be achieved by liquidity of mercury;
● High temperature fire and making,it can be make any Shape;
● Widely used on control of water level(liquid level),warning device,checkout gear, communication equipment,instrumetation and etc to transmit signal and control.

Model & Meanings

Work Principle

Product Structure

This series products use glass shell and mercury as the switch elements. In the application of this product,please do not make it crack or drop to avoid products damage and personnel safety.(Because mercury may cause harm to human body)


直 径 Diameter Φ5.7-6.2mm
长 度 Length 19-20mm
工作角度 Operating Angle 5-10°
额定电压 Rating Voltage 20V
额定电流 Rating Current 0.8A
介质耐压 Withstand Voltage 200VAC