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What is Micro Limit Switch?

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Micro limit Switch, also known as micro switch or key switch, is a control switch with tiny size and sensitive triggering function.

Micro limit Switches usually consist of a spring arm, contacts and housing. Micro switches can detect position and control electrical signals during mechanical movement, playing an important control role.

How does a micro switch work?


The working principle of the micro switch is based on its internal spring arm and contact structure.

When there is no external force acting on the micro switch:

The spring arms are in a preset relaxed state and the contacts remain open.

When an external force acts on the micro switch:

Such as mechanical movement or pressing operation, the spring arm will be compressed or bent, causing the contacts to close or open, thus changing the circuit state.


What are the application fields of micro switches?


1. Mechanical equipment

Micro switches are often used for limit detection and position control in mechanical equipment, such as automatic doors, printers, CNC machine tools, etc.

2. Home appliances

Micro limit switches play an important role in household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, etc. They can be used to detect door cover status, control switches, and safety protection functions.

3. Electronic products

Micro switches are widely used in electronic products, such as computer keyboards, mice, game controllers, etc. By pressing the micro switch, user input operation and signal transmission can be achieved.

4.Automotive field

Micro limit switches are used in cars to control functions such as doors, windows, and seat adjustments. They provide convenient control and operation from inside the vehicle.


In conclusion

Micro switches play an important role in mechanical equipment, home appliances, electronic products and automobiles.

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