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Limit switch function and how to install

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What is the function of limit switch

1.The limit switch is an interface between mechanical position and electronic control, which converts mechanical actions into electrical signals.It is a common electromechanical component suitable for industrial environments, which can detect the passage, existence, etc. of objects through contact.

2.The limit switch, also known as the limit switch, can be installed on relatively stationary objects such as fixed frames, door frames, etc., referred to as still life or moving objects such as vehicles, doors, etc., referred to as animals.

3.When the animal is close to the still life, the connecting rod of the switch drives the contact of the switch to cause the closed contact to break or the open contact to close, and the circuit and the motor are controlled by the switch contact opening and the change of the closed state. Contactless.

4.The limit switch can also be divided into a working limit switch and a limit limit switch. The working limit switch is used to give a signal that the mechanism is in place, and the limit switch is to prevent the mechanism from exceeding the design range and causing an accident.

How to install limit switch

1.First open all the packages of the newly purchased limit switch, confirm that the parts in each package are not lost and complete, and then arrange all the parts in sequence.

2.Then open the body part of the limit switch, just use a screwdriver to loosen the screw, after opening, you will see a metal baffle, you can use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry it up.

3.Pry it all the way until a right-angled head can be inserted. The metal block must be raised, otherwise it will not be inserted. After fixing the position, press the block back to its original position and press it down directly with the thumb.

4.When installing the cable outlet at the bottom, insert it into the slot, then cover the cover, and then install a toothed baffle upward on the right-angle head, then install the rod, and tighten the screw to complete a limit switch. Once installed, you can hear the sound of internal contact by turning the metal rod back and forth.


limit switch symbol

1.There are three symbols of limit switch in the circuit, which are serial number 06-07-01, which is position switch, moving contact, limit switch, moving contact; serial number is 06-07-02, position switch, moving break Contact, limit switch, break contact; serial number 06-07-03, the position for two-way mechanical operation of two independent circuits.

2.The limit switch is a commonly used low-current master electrical appliance, which uses the collision of the production mechanical moving parts to make their contacts move to make or break the control circuit, so as to achieve a certain control purpose.

3.The limit switch can be widely used in the lifting of construction, port, mining and other industries, and the control and limit of the three-dimensional coordinate of the transmission machinery. The limit switch consists of a high-precision limit switch with a large transmission ratio reducer and its output shaft. Synchronized mechanical memory control mechanism, composed of sensors, WTAU series limit switches are widely used in construction machinery because of their small size, multi-function, high precision, adjustable limit, strong versatility and convenient maintenance, installation and adjustment. 

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